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Try GuruFocus Google Sheets Add-on' DCF Calculator Template

Users can compute a stock's intrinsic value using Google Sheets

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Apr 29, 2022
  • GuruFocus’ Google Sheets add-in allows users to start with a few premade templates.
  • Users can compute a stock’s intrinsic value using the DCF Calculator Template.
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GuruFocus is proud to announce that users can access a few premade templates for the new Google Sheets add-on, including the DCF Calculator Template that allows users to compute a stock’s intrinsic value based on a two-stage discount cash flow model.


To access the templates, please first install the Google Sheets add-on and download the templates using the steps outlined in the Quick Start Guide.


Enter the stock ticker symbol in Cell B18 as Figure 1 illustrates.


Figure 1

First year and first-year value

As Figure 2 illustrates, enter the first year of the DCF Calculation in Cell B19 and the first-year value in Cell B20.


Figure 2

For the first-year value cell, either enter the appropriate value listed in the per-share data table or your own value. Figure 3 illustrates the per-share data table.


Figure 3

Growth rates

Enter the growth-stage growth rate in Cell B21 and the terminal-stage growth rate in Cell B22 as Figure 4 illustrates.


Figure 4

The growth-stage rate represents the growth rate during the 10 years of “fast growth.” The adjusted growth rate caps the reported growth rates between 5% and 20%. Figure 5 illustrates the growth rate table.


Figure 5

Likewise, the terminal growth rate represents the growth rate during the 10 years of “slow, terminal” growth. The default value for the terminal growth rate is 4%.

Discount rate

Enter the discount rate in Cell B23 as Figure 6 illustrates.


Figure 6

Add Tangible Book Value

Enter a 0 or 1 in Cell B24 depending on if you want to add tangible book value to your fair value calculation. Figure 7 illustrates the “Add Tangible Book Value” input cell.


Figure 7

Fair value Output

Figure 8 illustrates a sample fair value calculation for Walmart Inc. (

WMT, Financial).


Figure 8

Cell B41 reports the fair value of the stock based on the input parameters, while Cell B43 reports the margin of safety. Further, if a stock’s business predictability is 1, the template warns the result may be inaccurate due to low business predictability.

If you have any questions about our Google Sheets feature, please contact us. Users can also book a demo of the Google Sheets feature by clicking on the “Book a Demo” button as Figure 9 illustrates.


Figure 9

Users can also try other premade templates, including the stock summary template and the historical financial charts templates.


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