I would buy ATHM, are you?

Lyubov Bykova GuruFocus Premium Icon Jun 2, 2021
I would buy ATHM, are you?
Joshuarunning Jun 4, 2021

Yes...I already have a position.



Yannisk Jun 8, 2021

scary dip but might be worth a shot at these prices.

sebastian GuruFocus Premium Icon Jun 12, 2021


Jun 16, 2021

ATHM is on my ALL-TIME list - I've been waiting for them to come down.....Juuust a Liiiiiitle Lower =)

rudymora00 GuruFocus PremiumPlus Icon Jun 23, 2021

My only concern is the low taxes that offsets Operating Margin decline to increase their net and downsizing of employees. I already have a position and may do another here soon if I can answer these 2 quesions. 

MeeSeeksAlpha GuruFocus Premium Icon Jun 25, 2021

yes, looking very nice

Mandingo GuruFocus Premium Icon Jul 12, 2021

Had a small position from the low 70's which we significantly increased today. Had been hesitant because of the agressive nature of the selloff. The departure of the CFO bothers me a bit but the company's valuation, balance sheet and profitability are rock solid and cant find any indication of any type of fraud. At current valuations if there is no fraud or legal turmoil hiding under the surface this stock should prove to be a great investment over the next couple years.

meixia.yang326 GuruFocus Premium Icon Sep 13, 2021

I am a Chinese living in USA. I checked out the websites, web rankings, etc, all are legit. (you cannot fake web ranking). They are the leader in the industry and expanding to many other business lines.

It does seem like a bargain at this price with good upside potential.

harberinkr Sep 13, 2021

seems like a great opportunity.

if there is no fraud or legal turmoil hiding under the surface

MeeSeeksAlpha GuruFocus Premium Icon Sep 13, 2021

Already bought some at an average price of $51.79

kiakt GuruFocus Premium Icon Nov 29, 2021

Does anyone have an opinion of the probably of Chinese stocks, including ATHM, delisting?

What about the probability of the US/China war over the Taiwan issue?

Praveen Chawla GuruFocus PremiumPlus Icon May 16, 2022

Prem Watsa (Fairfax) is buying.

o.naugolnyk May 22, 2022

good stock