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New Feature Announcement: Stock PDF Documents

We have launched a new and improved version of the stock PDF document

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Aug 17, 2018
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In light of

Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio) releasing his second-quarter portfolio, we are glad to announce that we have launched a new and improved version of our “Stock PDF” documents. These documents allow you to download a company’s summary report as an Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE, Financial) “Portable Document Format” file.

You can download the stock PDF pages from a company’s stock summary page as follows:

  1. In the GuruFocus Search bar, please enter a specific company ticker like WMT or AAPL as Figure 0.1 illustrates.
  2. Click on the Summary item under the drop-down menu to access the company’s summary page.
  3. Click on the “Stock PDF” button to download the PDF file. Figure 0.2 shows the location of the “Stock PDF” button in the row of items beginning with a blue “+ Add to Portfolio” button.


Figure 0.1


Figure 0.2

The stock PDF document consists of nine pages as described in the paragraphs below.

Page 1: Manual of Stocks

GuruFocus writes on the Manual of Stocks page that Buffett once said to make 50% a year on $1 million, you must “turn over a lot of rocks” and find the companies that are “off the map.” As a Premium member, you are previously limited to the Manual of Stocks for the companies on the Standard and Poor’s 500 index. The new stock PDF documents at least allow you to view the Manual of Stocks page for a specific company included in your data coverage. Figure 1 shows a sample header section of the Manual of Stocks page for Apple Inc. (

AAPL, Financial), Buffett’s largest holding for the June quarter.


Figure 1

Page 2: Financial Strength metrics

The financial strength page highlights the historical trends for following metrics: cash-to-debt ratio, Piotroski F-score, equity-to-asset ratio, weighted-average cost of capital versus the return on invested capital, debt-to-equity ratio and the dividend yield. Based on these metrics, GuruFocus ranks the company’s financial strength from 1 to 10. A rank of at least 7 suggests strong financial strength while a rank 3 or below suggests poor financial strength. Ranks 4 to 6 suggest fair financial strength.

Figure 2 shows a sample header section of the financial strength page for Wells Fargo & Co. (

WFC, Financial), Buffett’s second-largest holding for the quarter.


Figure 2

Page 3: Profitability metrics

The profitability page highlights the historical trends for following metrics: revenue, net income, earnings per share, cash, dividends, operating margin and free cash flow. Like the financial strength rank, the profitability rank ranges from 1 to 10, with 7 or higher suggesting strong profitability while 3 or below suggesting poor profitability. Ranks 4 to 6 suggest fair profitability.

Figure 3 shows a sample header section of the profitability page for The Kraft Heinz Co. (

KHC, Financial), Buffett’s third-largest holding for the quarter.


Figure 3

Pages 4 and 5: Valuation and Valuation Bands

Pages 4 and 5 of the stock PDF highlight the company’s historical valuations. The valuation page highlights the historical trends for following metrics: price-earnings ratio, price-sales ratio, price-to-free-cash-flow, price-book ratio, EV-to-EBIT and the valuation chart. On the other hand, the valuation bands page highlights the company’s price chart as well as the maximum and minimum valuation based on a company’s earnings, book value of equity, revenue or operating cash flow. Figure 4 shows a sample header section of the valuation page for Bank of America Corp. (

BAC, Financial) while Figure 5 shows a sample header section of the valuation bands page for The Coca-Cola Co. (KO, Financial). The two companies represent Buffett’s fourth-largest and fifth-largest holding for the quarter.


Figure 4


Figure 5

Page 6: Warning Signs

GuruFocus conducts a checkup of each company on 32 items covering the areas of financial strength, profitability, growth and valuation. The warning signs page contains two columns: The column on the left lists the company’s red flags followed by positive investing signs. Red flags include contracting profit margins, increasing long-term debt or weak Piotroski F-scores. Positive investing signs include consistent revenue growth, high dividend yields and low price valuations.

The column on the right lists the company’s cautionary signs, which are warning signs not as severe as the red flags. These include decelerating revenues, high price valuations and poor stock buyback record.

Figure 6 shows a sample header section of the warning signs page for American Express Co. (

AXP, Financial), Buffett’s sixth-largest holding for the quarter.


Figure 6

Page 7: Competitive Comparison

The competitive comparison page takes a company’s financial metrics and compares them to its top competitors. Section 1 contains a chart illustrating the five-year price trends for the company and its competitors. Sections 2, 3 and 4 compare the company’s financial strength metrics, profitability metrics and valuation metrics, respectively. Figure 7 shows a sample header section of the competitive comparison page for US Bancorp (

USB, Financial), Buffett’s seventh-largest holding for the quarter.


Figure 7

Page 8: Peter Lynch Chart

Page 8 of the stock PDF shows a Peter Lynch Chart with key technical features including the price chart as an over-high-low-close chart. Green bars indicate price increases while red bars indicate price decreases. The chart also illustrates the company’s volume, earnings per share and dividends per share. Additionally, the top-left corner of the chart contains a table illustrating the earnings per share, revenue and free cash flow growth rates for the following time periods: one year, five years and 10 years.

Figure 8 shows a sample Peter Lynch Chart for Moody’s Corp. (

MCO, Financial), Buffett’s eighth-largest holding for the quarter.


Figure 8

Page 9: Concluding remarks

Page 9 of the stock PDF explains the Peter Lynch Chart and our three rankings in detail: the GuruFocus business predictability rank, the financial strength rank and the profitability rank.

Users need at least a Premium membership to download the stock PDF documents. The GuruFocus Premium membership also gives access to our most-popular features, which include the All-in-One Guru Screener, the Aggregated Portfolio of Gurus and the Interactive Chart.

Disclosure: The author has no positions in the stocks mentioned. You can see a sample stock PDF file by clicking the link below:

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