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March Member Engagement Meeting Recap

A GF Score chart is coming soon to GuruFocus

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Mar 02, 2022
  • Dr. Charlie Tian provides and in-depth look at a new feature in development.
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GuruFocus founder Dr. Charlie Tian went live today to introduce upcoming GuruFocus features and answer questions that came up during his presentation. He showed off a new chart that is in development, which is called the GF Score chart.

The GF Score chart will be based on five factors, which are profitability, growth, financial strength, momentum and valuation.

An example for Walmart Inc. (

WMT, Financial) is shown below.


Watch the full explanation of the upcoming new chart here:

Tian said the chart should be released next month.

Looking toward the future, Tian let the audience know that more detailed operating data will added to the 30-year financial page and interactive chart. Stay tuned for all our exciting new developments over the coming months!


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