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Try GuruFocus' New Feature: Stock Comparison Table

The tool compares multiple stocks and metrics of your own choosing

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Tim Yu
Aug 17, 2021
  • The table lets you compare multiple stocks and metrics in one place.
  • It also lets you download the peer groups data to Excel.
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Our newest feature, the Stock Comparison Table, was just released on the tool page. It provides a convenient way to compare multiple stocks and metrics of your own choice in a single table. It also lets you export the data table to Excel.

You can access the table under the "Tools" menu or via this direct link.


To add a single stock to the table, you can search for it using the stock input box and then press “Enter” to add to the table. After that, peer groups, like its competitors, can be included in the table with a single click.

You can also press the “Open” button to browse and add a list of stocks from your predefined comparison stock tables or your own portfolios.


Similarly, metrics can be selected from the metrics search box. If you have no idea what metrics to add, simply take a look at our predefined views under “GURUFOCUS VIEWS” or your saved categories under “MY VIEWS.” You can also find all the available metrics by clicking “BROWSE.”


Please remember to save or export your table using the menu buttons in the upper-right corner. It will restore your saved work when you return to the comparison table.

If you have any suggestions or encounter any unexpected issues, please click the "Feedback" button in the top-right corner.


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