Himax Technologies Inc

Parul bansal GuruFocus Premium Icon Mar 8, 2022

What's your take on Himax?

Praveen Chawla GuruFocus PremiumPlus Icon Mar 10, 2022

It is very cyclical. You have to get in and out at the right time.

limmosspelkonto May 9, 2022

It's a great company, with good earnings, and growth they have large demand from big companies such as Sony, Samsung, and Lenovo, so there's little chance they gonna slack. Their 288hz 8k display, which is apparently the best in the current market really makes this undervalued. But the market is pretty irrational nowadays to these kinds of stocks but in the long term this one gonna age like wine.

o.naugolnyk May 18, 2022

First Q 2022 was missed, let see second Q by reports