Hold or Sell on Nvda at current valuations?

Gabriel Zaharia Aug 28, 2021
Hold or Sell on Nvda at current valuations?
Vaibhavchadha GuruFocus Premium Icon Sep 7, 2021

hold for long term


jaikhom GuruFocus Premium Icon Sep 12, 2021

Buy more

jaikhom GuruFocus Premium Icon Sep 12, 2021

They will always expensive if the price go down around GF Value should buy more

swyeoh1969 GuruFocus PremiumPlus Icon Sep 27, 2021

you buy and hold for at least next 10 years ....in my view it will marketcap will replace Apple in 10 years

qlee8382 GuruFocus Premium Icon Jan 22, 2022

I'd buy more, Nickel price is going up
In other words, EV is booming. Then NVDA will be doing good

ryan996 GuruFocus Premium Icon Jan 26, 2022

Hold. Although the ARM deal probably won't go through, the rest of the business is firing on all cylinders

Denox Feb 8, 2022

I would keep buying in smaller tranches

oakwood43 Feb 11, 2022

Buying now and more on dips. Sold puts at 225 last month for a fat premium and came close to being assigned.

water444 Feb 18, 2022

still buy above price 239

rohan7293 GuruFocus Premium Icon Feb 25, 2022

do you think nvda will move down in the short term?

arewitdew Mar 8, 2022

in short term, all stocks will be tanking

Code - E GuruFocus Premium Icon Mar 23, 2022

Buy, always buy.

ronnytllee GuruFocus Premium Icon Mar 25, 2022

sell and wait for 200

hako Mar 26, 2022

I work in the semi industry. Nvdia is a good company but there is no way you can justify the multiples which is way above semi average. The industry is mature, the average growth rate is 6-8% per year. There may be phases of higher growth as is the case with Nvidia but it is no way sustainable.

Covid has brought semi’s in to limelight with supply constraints and countries vying for self sufficiency, but over the next couple of years the industry will revert back to the mean. Next one year may be still good for semis but the long term growth rate of the industry is 6-8%. Do not believe any one who says other wise.

For Nvidia, years of future growth is baked in to the current price, once people understand that the growth is not sustainable it will slowly regress to the mean semi multiples.

Buy their data center business is under appreciated.

o.naugolnyk May 18, 2022

Hold for 10 years

mansour19_82 Jun 16, 2022

is it better to buy NVDA or MU right now?